Platform Training Manual
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Module 1: How to Add SDG14 Indicators Data
Module 2: Module 2: How to Update SAPPHIRE Project Focal Point Data
Module 3: How to Update SAPPHIRE Project Data
Module 4: How to Add or Review and Publish SDG14 Indicators Data
Module 5: How to Add or Edit National Socioeconomic Data Values
Module 6: How to Add or Edit Climate Change Vulnerability Data Values
Module 7: How to Edit All SDG14 Indicators Data
Module 8: How to Edit All Socioeconomic Indicators Values
Module 9: How to Edit All SAPPHIRE Project Data
Module 10: How to Add or Remove a Data Field for All SAPPHIRE Projects
Module 11: How to Edit All Climate Change Vulnerability Data on the Platform
Module 12: How to Add a New Climate Change Vulnerability Data Field to the Platform