Introduction - -
Module 1: The GEO approach to integrated environmental assessment
Module 2: National IEA process design and organisation
Module 3: Developing an impact strategy for your IEA
Module 4: Monitoring, data and indicators
Module 5: Integrated analysis of environmental trends and policies
Module 6: Scenario development and analysis
Module 7: Creating communication outputs from the assessment
Module 8: Monitoring, evaluation and learning: For improvement and increased impact of the IEA process
Module VIA: Vulnerability and Impact assessment for Adaptation to Climate Change

Adel Farid AbdelKader - UNEP

Ahmed Abdelrehim - CEDARE

Ashbindu Singh - UNEP (Former)

Asma Ali Abahussain - AGU

Aymen Solyman - CEDARE

Jonathan Smith - UNEP (WCMC)

László Pintér - Central European University

Lindsey Harriman - UNEP (GRID Sioux Falls)

Marc A. Levy - Columbia University

Tamer Abdulkadir - AGEDI